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Exciting Range of Original Stencil Designs now available at Dyed & Gone to Heaven

Creativity. It's more than the sum of your tools. But good tools help creativity on a roll keep rolling. These stencils to not only inspire your muse, but to hold up to all the paint sticks, dyes, inks, molding pastes, markers or whatever else you can brush, smoosh, spritz, or rub through them - then withstand a good cleaning.

These Artistcellar stencils are 6" x 6" precision laser cut from tough 10mil polyester material.


Postage within Australia is $2  so if something different is calculated by the website it will be adjusted manually.



Arabian Nights

Cathedral Plans

Cathedral Series

Coral Series


Geometric Japanese

Half Tone Dots

Jane Girl Series

Jane Girls Petite Series

Kaleidoscope Series


Old World Maps

Playful Pods

Pleasantville Series

Quasi Crystals

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry 2

Sacred Hearts

Steampunk Series

Tam's Inspiration

Tam's Whimsy

TEXTures 2

TEXTures Series

Traditional Japanese Series

Water Series
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